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Spring Newsletter Issue 10 – 11.02.2021

13th February 2021

Newsletter Issue 10 11th Feb 2021

Be a Life Long Learner

Home Learning

After reviewing the home learning with staff they are reporting that the vast majority of our children at home are doing really well and completing the tasks the teachers are setting but there are fewer who are uploading/returning the work for teachers to feedback on.
A vital part of teacher planning relies on understanding how the children are coping with the objectives/concepts being covered. Without seeing the work children complete it is harder to make judgements on what pupils need more support with or more consolidation with.

It is also very important that children complete their task sheets as independently as possible so the teachers do not get a skewed view of how well the children are achieving. We teach the children in school that making mistakes is a big part of the learning process and it is fine to make mistakes. So for the foreseeable future please could we
ask the following:

  1. Pupils to upload their work when completed. It appears that some families are finding uploading work difficult. Speaking to the teachers they would rather have the work submitted in a way that families are comfortable/able to do than have no work submitted at all. So staff will happily accept and lookout for work submitted on Teams (ideal way), uploaded to Class Dojo (the system we used during the last lockdown), a separate word document, on ‘One Note’ – on Teams or an uploaded photo of the work (done in two parts, if necessary, and in focus so it can be read).
  2. Please can we also request that where not asked to or indicated children do not write over the top of pictures of work as there is often not enough room or the teachers are unable to read it.
  3. That parents do support learning but do not to correct children on the task sheet if they put the wrong answer. By all means talk them through the mistake but upload the work uncorrected.

Once again can I a huge thank you to those parents who are supporting their child at home – we really, really do appreciate what you are doing!!!