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Spring Newsletter Issue 09 – 29.01.2021

3rd February 2021

Newsletter Issue 09 – 29th Jan 2021

Be Safe and Healthy

It is still vitally important that you inform school if you or one of your family members (who lives with you) tests positive for COVID-19. If you or your child have symptoms of Coronavirus we would ask that you and your children isolate as soon as you have any of the publicised symptoms, let the school know, and book a test, self-isolate until the results come back and let school know the outcome, via the school email. If the test is positive school will send information to the bubble and staff it may affect and who may need to isolate.

Parents and carers should refrain from sending your child into school if they have one or more symptoms of the virus;

  • A new or continuous cough
  • Loss or change of taste or smell
  • A fever/high temperature

If your child has one or more of these symptoms, please ring 119 or go to the government website to book a test.

Please inform school with the result of the test. If negative your child can return to school straight away.

Telephone: 0121 706 3873 e-mail: