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Flu Vaccinations

Event 5th November 2020  Parents information

Last day of Term

Event 18th December 2020  Parents information 

Back to school

Event 2nd November 2020  Parents information 


Event 23rd October 2020  Parents information 

Last day of Term

Event 22nd October 2020  Parents information 

School Photos

Event 22nd October 2020  Parents information Pupil activity 

Virtual Parents Evening

Event 21st October 2020  Parents' evening 

Virtual Parents Evening

Event 20th October 2020  Parents' evening 

Professor McGinty

Event 14th October 2020  Parents information Pupil activity 

Professor McGinty Professor McGinty’s Amazing Time Travel Detective Tales and ‘Mobile Museum’

Rags to Riches collection

Event 28th September 2020  Parents information PTA 

Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools